Karl Blanks

Co-founder and CTO of Conversion Rate Experts

Growing web businesses with science

I am a former scientist, with a PhD from Cambridge University, England, where I enjoyed having a bedroom that featured on many postcard photos. (The outside of it—definitely not the inside.)

As a student, I created a lead-gen report that won the prize for the best project for a service company in the national final of Shell Oil’s STEP scheme for young entrepreneurs.

Then, for several years I worked as the head of materials science for a large materials company, where I troubleshot processing plants.

Next, for five years, I led a multinational telecoms company, developing its business in the US, UK and Japan. In 2005, my colleague Ben Jesson and I spent an exciting few months developing a new scientific approach to online conversion. In the following 12 months, we tripled the business’s online revenues.

Ben and I subsequently co-founded Conversion Rate Experts. We redesign our clients’ webpages, then put our necks on the line by insisting that our clients split-test our work, to prove that we've significantly grown their businesses. It has been an exciting few years, and we have had the privilege of working with the world’s most sophisticated tech companies.

I'm interested in the following subjects:

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Persuasive copywriting, direct-response advertising, and any other types of effective marketing
  • Usability, simplification, and good explanations
  • Scaling consulting companies using workflows and process engineering
  • Tools and techniques for getting stuff done, particularly remotely
  • The Beatles
  • Songs with clever lyrics

Contact me

It’s always nice to hear from people with similar interests. Feel free to email me for any reason whatsoever, or connect on LinkedIn.